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They have to be, as a consequence of the Covid-19 situation:

  • a recently created company from scratch
  • a spin-off from another company
  • an existing company that has had to pivot (change its business strategy and/or its business model)

If the pivoting has been due to the consequences of the new scenario and economy caused by Covid-19, or in other words, if the business model you are running right now, is generated post Covid-19, then you are a reborn company ;-)

Not at all. It is also valid for companies that have drastically swung due to the new situation or that have found a new business model and have created a "spin-off". In short, any company that has generated something new and that a couple of months ago didn't even have plans to do.

Of course it is! It is an open and free initiative, so that we all know the business effort that many entrepreneurs and companies are making in order to find new business models, new markets and, of course, defining the new world we are already living ;-)


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